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The Wimpact's Artist Alliance is a group of musicians who are as unique as they are talented. Coming from a wide array of genres, locations and backgrounds, these artists have each used their musical platforms for good and in different ways - all speaking out against sexism, but some also disavowing racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and so many other injustices that take place in this industry and in this world. The Wimpact celebrates and thanks these artists for all that they have done to end inequality, while also looking forward to what they will do next!


Photo by Alexandra Valenti

The Wind and the wave

Duo //  Austin, TX


In 2014, The Wind and The Wave, a duo from Austin, TX, quietly released one of the best albums of the year. From The Wreckage glowed with a rootsy golden tone that encompassed everything from indie-folk, to alt-country to blues-rock to Southern psychedelia. Its creators, touring musician turned songwriter and producer Dwight Baker and singer-songwriter Patty Lynn, began making music together on a lark, never dreaming anything would come of it. Baker describes it as “kind of like what happens when two friends hold hands and jump in a freezing lake just to see what it feels like.”

"As a band, we've always felt empowered to speak our minds and stand up for the things we believe in. I've always written about things that are super personal, but I hope the social issues I am passionate about start finding their way into my lyrics."  - Patty Lynn


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Silvana imam

Rapper // Stockholm, Sweden


Silvana Imam is a fierce, feminist rapper and activist based in Stockholm, Sweden.  Born in Lithuania to a Syrian father and Lithuanian mother, Silvana migrated with her family to the Czech Republic, and eventually Sweden, at the tender age of 4-years-old. She always identified with hip-hop and rap music, but never found a rapper she could completely identify with, which motivated her to begin rapping.  

First, it started with poetry, and soon after she would take inspiration from classical music and an array of beats to create her own songs.  Both of her parents spoke to her about politics and standing in solidarity.  As she got older, and learned about feminism, she realized she was a feminist all her life.  Through her music and platform she fearlessly stands up to politicians and injustices happening in Sweden and around the world.  She has inspired many listeners who relate to her music and journey.  


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Photo by Pierre Björk

Photo courtesy of Haywood


Rapper, Singer & Producer  //  Eugene, OR


Christian Haywood is a California-born, Oregon-based rapper, singer, and producer. He released his first official EP, 2016’s Halloween Flow, which has received praise throughout local communities. 

Haywood  has been featured on BET, as well as worked with The Private Plane, the record label created by Malik Yusef of Kanye West's GOOD Music.

With his soulful vibrations, Bass heavy beats, and new school lyrics, Haywood feels his style, originality and focus on promoting a positive message is what the music industry needs today. 

Haywood has also found a way of implementing awareness of social issues in his music, whether it be through an ironic timbre, or just through factual blatancy. Being a former sociology student, these types of lyrics come naturally. Haywood was raised by a single mother and was taught by her to be passionate and loving. His respect for his mother translates to his views on women and their rights. On his latest single, Haywood intends to push a bit of his feminist side lyrically, thus bringing much needed attention to the empowerment and respect of women. These are things that the hip-hop industry lacks right now, in a time where we as a societal whole need it most.


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Emotive Post-Hardcore group  //  Columbia, MO

Photo courtesy of Mocklove

Noticing the lack of a local scene, post-hardcore outfit Mocklove have been making a name for themselves. Sharing the stage with the likes of Being As An Ocean, Hawthorne Heights, Capsize, and Embracer, the Columbia, Missouri-based quintet are known for pulling off an energetic, yet engaging live performance, regardless of venue or lineup. Their music captures an emotional state of the human condition with aggressive melodies and cathartic undertones.

Mocklove are currently working on a new EP produced by Matt Amelung (Story of the Year, Greek Fire, A Lesser Hope) and mixed & mastered by Matt McClellan (Being As An Ocean, My Epic, The Devil Wears Prada).

Their debut EP 'There Is No Place' is out now.


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Photo Courtesy of Edison Chair

edison chair

Power Pop // Austin, TX


Edison Chair runs on Girl Power. 

Edison Chair is 6-piece rock ’n’ roll band from Austin, TX led by two female vocalists, Rachel Thompson and Ellen Gruber. The band is known for their high-energy performances and catchy songs. With multi-part harmonies and songs you'll be singing long after the show, Edison Chair has developed a sound that will be hard to forget. 

All the members were born & raised in Austin, TX and their lifelong friendship creates a comfortable collaboration that shines on and off the stage. Their message is an important one: UNIVERSAL LOVE & FEMALE EMPOWERMENT. These things deserve attention now more than ever in our current political climate.

Edison Chair proudly supports our friends and fans of all sexualities, cultures and backgrounds.  <3

Some organizations we’re passionate about in Texas at the moment: Austin NOW // Planned Parenthood // SafePlace Austin // ACLU // #HappyPeriod


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Melodic Hardcore Emo band //  Cedar Valley, IA

Photo courtesy of avoid.

Since their inception in 2015, avoid. has made it a point both lyrically and in their day-to-day to be open about speaking on topics that we feel need to be discussed. Racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia have been things that the members of avoid. keep in the back of their mind no matter where they travel and who they speak to. Coming from a state like Iowa, with a lot of progressive youth and a lot of rural area where people may not have ever had to deal with or even come in contact with those within the LGBT community, and few and far between with someone of different ethnicity, the band thinks they have a reach locally where they can bring these things to the community's attention. Not out of hatred, but out of importance.

"Education is the only way to start any change. We believe people have the potential to improve themselves and those around them for the better and we strive to help create an environment where a dialogue can start." - avoid.

Avoid has done a lot of work with area organizations and done a handful of benefit shows to help raise money and gather items for them. Some organizations they believe in are OneIowa, Trans Youth Equality Foundation and NOMAS.


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Rapper & Producer  //  Minnesota


Okey. is a 23-year-old producer, singer, rapper, audio engineer and songwriter. Born as a first generation American to two Nigerian immigrants, Okey. has been exposed to various types of cultural music and genres from a very young age. He began playing piano by ear around the age of seven and started professional piano lessons at the age of eight. Since then, he has constantly produced, written, mixed and created his own music. In addition to music, Okey. enjoys modeling, photography, acting, script writing and freelance design - doing it all with a focus on delivering socially conscious content.


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Photo courtesy of Okey.

MAZ Blanko

Alternative R&B group //  Columbia, MO

Photo courtesy of MAZ Blanko

MAZ Blanko (Mahz Blank-oh) is a quartet of producers and songwriters living in Columbia, Missouri. The two founding members, Evan Campbell and Pierce Porterfield, started creating music together when they were in 8th grade over a shared passion for guitar and continued to expand their musical soundscape. Pulling from R&B and hip hop inspirations, the two started experimenting with samples, electronic instruments, and nontraditional production techniques. The release of their EP “Okay Daddy”, a dirty, honest, and novel departure, saw the addition of a new member, Lowell Thomas, who came for a feature but stayed for the long haul, bringing his talents as a songwriter and vocalist to the evolving sound of MAZ Blanko. Shortly after, Dan Hilse signed on, his engineering prowess and creative energy helping to further sculpt the band's music.


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The HAppy Alright

Pop-Punk Band // Dallas, TX

Photo courtesy of THA

The Happy Alright is a pop punk/emo band based out of their hometown of Dallas, Texas. Texas is not often associated with punk music, but somewhere in there, The Happy Alright found exactly what they love to do. Despite their distaste for their surroundings, Sterling, Mason, Johnathan, and Chris found purpose in punk rock music and playing it for everyone, forever.

After their van broke down somewhere in Maryland on the band's 2016 summer tour, something incredible happened. Friends, family, and fans alike jumped online to help the band with whatever they could. When the boys were at their lowest, you pulled them from the depths and proved that The Happy Alright is about more than just music. It's about love, appreciation, and reaching out to every single person who feels like they don't belong. THA is your band. The Happy Alright will record and release a brand new record and tour the US in 2017.

The Happy Alright supports: ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Trevor Project and Punk Talks.


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