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Album Review: Kehlani Parrish Blessing us with ‘SweetSexySavage’

Whether or not you recently recovered from a traumatic breakup, spent Valentine’s Day with your mom (that would be me), or rediscovered yourself, Kehlani has you locked down with all the feels in her newest album, ‘SweetSexySavage’, taking us on another sultry journey.

One month since the release of this masterpiece she has the number one spot on Billboard’s R&B Albums Chart, which should not be a surprise if you listened to it.  Kehlani touches on all sides of womanhood and gives you sounds of delicious, nostalgic throwbacks.

It starts off with an unapologetic spoken word piece, possibly directed to those who only see the broken pieces of us.  Then she goes on to prove she is a woman of her word, since everything she does she “do it with a passion.”  The 21-year-old never lets us down with the baby making jams with “Distraction”.

The soulful Bay Area singer revives Akon’s “Don’t Matter” with her upbeat song “Undercover.”  From there you will get some deep advice on life, love, self-love and relationships with “Keep On”, “Advice”, “Piece of Mind” and “Escape.”  You will still be body rolling to radio hit “CRZY.”
Kehlani’s wise, old soul and trendy contemporary attitude shines through her music.  Her smooth beats and wavy lyrics throughout the album will have you listening on repeat.