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May CTA: Do Not Go Easy on HARD Summer

Last month, our call-to-action asked all Wimpact members to ‘Fest Your Best’. With festival season just kicking off in April with Coachella, Tortuga, Jazzfest and Stagecoach, it seemed as good a time as any to introduce the following actions we should all do at festivals this year: 1) Be an active bystander, 2) Dress consciously, 3) Support women artist through power in numbers and 4) Understand onsite safety resources available to you.

Then, to kickoff the month of May, HARD Summer released their annual lineup announcement trailer. Watching it causes one to have no words in reaction, yet at the same time, a whole fuck ton of words, actually. Here are some of our words and thoughts, but don’t read until you watch the trailer HERE and form your own opinion:

The HARD Summer trailer is a shining example of the catch-22 that is the advancement of women in music (and any industry, for that matter). On the one hand, HARD Summer actually heard the criticism that essentially every festival has faced about the lack of women on their lineups. They took that criticism in stride and included more female artists in their 2017 go around. This is the tangible part and an improvement, no less.

However, this is a catch-22, remember? We got the increased amount of women on the lineup we asked for, but then we also got this shit video demeaning those same women. And hey - we get it. There is very clearly air of sarcasm in this video that tries, but fails at mocking the patriarchal BS of the music industry. What the trailer actually comes across as, though, is a sad pat-on-the-back for doing the bare minimum.

We almost forgot about the most hilariously horrifying part of the whole trailer. For HARD Summer claiming to be so inclusive of “girls” on their lineup, the first female artist on the roster is not listed until nearly 5 minutes into an 8 minute video. Do better.

Ultimately, we thank you, HARD Summer, for booking more women this year. But how about for the 2018 edition you book us at a higher rate than this year’s 23% of your lineup? How about you also do so as a point of pride, a point of distinction that other festivals should strive for? Not as a kitschy joke or mockery.

Oh, and hey Wimpacters! This month, we are re-upping. We are making this month’s call-to-action an expanded and more urgent version of our April CTA. We are asking all members to go to festivals this summer, with an emphasis on last month’s Tip #3 - Support women artist through power in numbers. It seems even more crucial to do so now, and you will be hearing all about this throughout this month’s newsletter.

So go to every festival under the sun and support women. Go to HARD Summer and support the shit out of Anna Lunoe, Charli XCX, Nina Las Vegas, Ellen Allien, Uffie, Gina Turner, DJ Heather B2B Collette, Sita Abellan, GG Magree, CRAY, Jubilee, Qrion, Masha, Whipped Cream, Tinashe, J. Philip, Kim Ann Foxman, Nancy Whang, Louisahhh, Tink, Madam X, Kittens, J Worra, Uniqu3 and the Deux Twins.

March CTA: Show Recommendation List

Check out a list of recommended tours and shows that you can see for the March Call-to-Action!


The Wind and The Wave: Happiness Is Not a Place Tour

Photo via Sleigh Bells' Facebook

Hayley Kiyoko: One Bad Night Tour


Sleigh Bells

  • Dates: March 17 - March 29
  • Cities: 10 stops, including Lawrence, Milwaukee and Phoenix
  • Buy Tickets:

Betty Who



Photo via Mitski's Facebook

  • Dates: Most of the year, starting April 7
  • Cities: 30+ stops, including Vancouver, San Francisco and Dallas
  • Buy Tickets:

Bishop Briggs


Pale Waves: Dirty Hit Tour

Photo via Xenia Rubinos' Facebook

Sylvan Esso


Kehlani: SweetSexySavage World Tour

Xenia Rubinos

March 2017 Call-To-Action: Go Out and See a Show!

Live music has a very enchanting quality to it. Seeing an artist live is unlike any other experience on earth. It can evoke all sorts of responses and emotions, as well as create lasting memories. All of this is true for music fans, but it is also true on the flip side for the artists themselves.  Touring and playing live for fans is a highlight of the job for many artists.

Move beyond the rainbows and smiles and warm fuzzies of live music, though, and a real necessity emerges for artists. The current state of the music industry is one where a majority of artists' main revenue stream comes from touring and its offshoots (think merch, meet-n-greets).

There are a thousand and half reasons why this is the case, but the big one people think of is the way we consume music. We are not buying physical CDs or even digital MP3s. We are all streaming music. Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, SoundCloud, Pandora. This undoubtedly relates to revenue for artists, but not at the margin and volume that existed in decades past.

So what does this all mean? It means that fans need to support musicians they like with cold, hard cash. For our call-to-action this month, The Wimpact is encouraging everyone to go out and buy a concert ticket. Finally go an see that artist you listen to 500 times a day on Spotify!

Specifically, go see a woman or woman-fronted group. It matters. A lot. We get to vote with our dollars for what we want the music industry to be. We as The Wimpact should all be voting for an industry where more women are able to tour successfully and safely, and that starts with us showing the higher ups in music that there is a very real demand for women artists.

Annnnd back to the rainbows and smiles and warm fuzzies of live music real quick. How awesome does it sound to get your friends together on a Friday night to go see some great live music and be fighting for feminism? Sounds likes a pretty great Friday to us.

Now go out and see some shows, plus check out our recommendation list for some ladies you can see out on tour this spring!

Peace, Love & Rock N Roll,
The Wimpact